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CEH Bootcamp – Hacker Bootcamp Training 


CEH Bootcamps are Recommended by the EC-Council

There are over 60 modules in the CEH these days. No doubt there is a lot of material to cover when prepping for the exam, but not all of the 60 modules contain material that will appear on the exam. Most of those modules are self-study. Even with the close to 30 modules of test content, the CEH class is best taught in a 5 day (bootcamp style) setting. This is the way it has been done since the inception of the certification. There are many people that may say otherwise. However, the EC-Council promotes a layout of 5 days and 40 clock hours for the course.

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The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is probably the hottest IT security / information assurance certification available right now. The CEH was created by the great hacking and forensics minds at the EC-Council and since has risen to the top of hacking certs because of its content and a solid foundation of marketing. Perhaps the largest testament to the success of the CEH cert is that it was added to the DoD 8570 directive.

If you are looking to get your CEH certification, then use the quick link on the right hand side of this page. The EC-Council recommends that an individual takes a CEH class as what most would consider a “bootcamp”. The CEH Bootcamp is actually a full version class, 40 hours and in this time you cover the material necessary to apply the exploits and hacking applications that you need in order to know the content. In this CEH bootcamp you will need additional time after the class sessions to study the test prep material.

CEH Bootcamp Exam Preparation

A bootcamp setting for the CEH is the main way that EC-Council believes that the CEH class should be run. The week long setting is enough time to cover all labs and all test-applicable material. There are many more modules to the CEH cert, but those additional modules not covered in the class are designed by EC-Council as reference material for future use. This is the main reason that the official CEH courseware is in such a large bundle.

With the hands-on application and then the additional test prep study after class each night, quality CEH bootcamp training will have you ready to take you certification exam on the final day!